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DSLR Evolt 300 Olympus camera/warranty


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Hey guys.

I decided to upgrade my DSLR , so I’m selling my Evolt 300 Olympus camera that I purchased from Fry’s electronics with 2 year warranty on, it still have one year left so you don’t need to worry about something happening to it, you can always take it for the replacement. This warranty covers everything besides if you drown the camera in the toilet or something. This camera comes with following accessories, for everything listed I have original receipts so there is no B.S Also all the accessories are 100% original Olympus products not some ebay B.S

Also all the pictures I posted here online was taken with this camera you can look it up under CCCP name.


DSLR Evolt 300 Olympus Camera $999

• 1 FL-36 electronic Digital Flash $295

• 1 Suiko Digital ED 50mm f2.0 Macro lens $499

• 1 Suiko Digital 14-45mm Zoom lens “came with the camera”

• 1 Digital Pro HLD-3 Power Battery $125

• 2 extra batteries 80$ each

• 2 Pictures Plus Filter UV Haze $45

• Fireproof Case for everything $38

• MX 2000 Pro series Tripod $75

• Extended 2 year warranty “ Fry’s electronics’ $299 “ 1year left”

• And other stuff like wires, 2 memory cards 512meg each ect.

Everything listed here are in perfect working conditions no scratches, “spotless”.

Approximate money spend for everything listed above $2455




PM me if anyone interested






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