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Pre cycle question - cook rock


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finally, settled down in portland, and going to cycle the tank within two weeks. Since I need to get the LR again, I am thinking to cook the rock and get rid of the PO4 before I put the corals in. It is the lessen learned from the previous tank. The aglae was everywhere even the LR was claimed fully cured from the fish store. It took me more than 6 month to export the PO4 from the rock.


Is there a way to cook the rock and cycle the tank in the same time?


Is the better way to buy the rock from the local reefer?

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I think you will find that most of our shops around here supply some great rock and are pretty honest people to deal with. You really shouldn't have any problems. The problem you will have with cooking your live rock first is that it will get rid of all the "live" in your rock. It is the living organisms in the rock that make it beneficial to your tank.

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