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3 pumps forsale


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2 are the same brand (Coralife) the other I'll have to look when I get home. Anyhow, they are all 3 the same, just with different manufacturer name stamped and one a different color.


All run great, one we put new bearings in it at our shop. We are a pump business so its my line of work and repair hundreds of pumps a yr, no big deal.


I believe this is the one in yellow. The other two are Coralife pumps.




They run right about 300+shipping new. Ill let them go for 160.00 each shipped and paypal'd. I will also warranty any bearing issues on any of the three for a year on me. You will have to ship it back but thats about the best I can do.


Images of the pumps on my tank now.


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I looked at the pump from the link but a question to confirm-what are the pumps rated for and do you know the amount of loss per gallon/per ft. due to the rise and head pressure?



(rofl) This thread is so old this was when Reefnjunkie was still Byrd!


LOL, I know its a year ago, but I never did post on RC or put them on ebay.


110.00 each shipped.


So does that mean the one year warranty you had earlier is no longer valid...


Free bump for serious procrastination!(clap)

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