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Anyone raising Copepods?


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If you have an established enough tank you should be able to just by one bottle and then they should breed in your tank. Just make sure that you look after a month or two to make sure you still have some. The mandarins have a fierce appetite and wipe out a good amount pretty quick!

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Gobi diet


Presently the Gobi is in a 55 gln that has a refugium and a cal reactor - other than usual stuff, minimal sand less than an inch on average. He seems to sift a lot off of the rocks as well as sand. There have been periods he looked thinner than other times but it did not last long and I think it was due to inhabitant additions. I have never seen this fish eat anything I have put into the tank as a food particle, it has all been too big, probably. I have observed sifting and it is extremely fine particulate matter that is filtered through his gills. I doubt that he would even entertain the idea of eating an amphipod or copepod as they would be too big even though they are hard to see, come to think of it.

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