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Zoos and shrooms for sale or trade


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I have some zoanthids and mushrooms (ricordea and tonga) for sale or trade for pretty good prices. I'm planning to be at the meeting this Sunday, and can bring frags with me there...


Zoos I would trade for similar polyp counts of other colorful zoos. Pics would be appreciated.


Multicolor zoos - Gold mouth, purple body, yellow/green skirt - crazy fast growers and really pretty - 40+ polyps $15 Pending Gunner52




I call these Chocolate Mint zoos - brown/purple outer ring and skirt with mint green centers - multiple frags available of 15+ polyps each - $10 per frag



Pink zoos - multiple shades of pink - 10 polyps - $7 Pending Beckie




There are two more types shown in the following pic.

Bottom center - Bright green zoos - these are not from the July growout competition, but very similar. Here is your chance to get some if you missed out! 2 frags available - 20+ polyps each - $10 per frag

Top left - chocolate brown zoos with orange centers and a hint of green - 20+ polyps - $10



Tonaga mushrooms - 3 polyps on one rock (edited - looks like one split so now there are 3 - green is nicer than pic shows) - $15



Ricordea florida - nickle size or larger


Green = $12 - 2 available Pending RLaForce

Rock with 1 purple, 1 orange = $25

Single purple = $15 Pending RLaForce

Single gold (rare and slow growers) = $25 slightly larger than a dime

Example Pictures:





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Wow, lots of response overnight. Thread updated for pending items.


RLaForce - you want to make the exchange at the meeting?


Gunner52 - same question - you'll be at the meeting?


CCR - Beckie already PM'd me about those pink ones but I PM'd you about another option. Let me know what you think.


puntific - All the rics are florida, not yuma. I think the gold ones are sweet!

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