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Well I guess since im going to the meeting I will do my duty and start a trade thread. Anything is welcome frags, other licestock and equipment so fire away.


I got some frags of SPS like Cali Tort, Tricolor Acro, Green slimer, birdsnest etc. I also have a frag of blue clove polyps too. I also have some misc zoos to. I just got home so I will shoot up some pics of the frags tonight. Im pretty open on trades. Post here with what ya go and lets see what we can do!

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I have frags of the following corals. I'm looking for $5 for each frag or i might be interested in trades. buy 2 get 1 free.


Scroll/Turbinaria frags (5 available)



Monti Frags (2 available)



Monti Frags (5 available)



Efflo Frags (5 available)



Green Cap Frags (5 available)

sorry no pic but just your typical green cap.


Orange Frogspawn (single head)



Elephant Skin Frags (2 available)


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they are asterinas, verdict is still out if they are coral eaters or not.



They are very evasive and multiply like mad! I stared out with a couple and ended up with hundreds in about 6 to 8 monthes, I had to get a harlequin shrimp to eat them all. once they were gone ( in about 3 weeks) I gave the shrimp back to the store.

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Hey R-3 got any pics of the green slimer frags?
I thought I had more but the 1 I have is spoken for. I might make some more soon. I think its one of the nicer slimers Ive seen. I will email ya a pic when I take a shot of it.
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