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Wanted ACjr Serial Cable


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What does this cord look like Rick' date=' I may have something lying around.[/quote']


Mini Din 8 is the one that is important. I dug through my boxes and didn't find anything computer related (I have a lot of old computer cables) that was the same. I found the plugs listed out at PCH Cables out in Hillsboro for $1.20 so if I can't find the right cable I'll just go out and get the plug and build one from a serial mouse or something. (Coming up with the serial plug and cable will be the easy part)

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Do have a Ground Isolated Serial Connector if not the PH and Temp will not be correct..

I can tell you more if you give me a call Rick..


I can deal with that a couple of different ways if it occurs. I don't think it will be an issue with the system I'm using anyway though. It uses a power brick and a special power supply designed for automotive use (I built the system to use in my rock crawler but it hasn't been on the trails for a long time) which should keep noise out of the system. If it does end up fluctuating then I'll first try a serial to usb adapter which will hopefully isolate it and if that doesn't work then I'll order in a serial to bluetooth adapter which will make it impossible for a ground loop to occur. I have one or two other things I might try as well. Before I do anything further though I'm going to hook it up and see if it is going to be an issue.


Still looking... The one drunkreefer posted above turned out to be the wrong one. The one I need is the serial adapter cable to go between the head unit and a computer.

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If it doesn't work' date=' I've got an ACjr isolator I can sell you.Shipping should be cheap via usps. Oh yes. I've also got the proper ACjr cable. Just have to look around for it. LMK.[/quote']


Let me know what you would want for both. May just get them both to be sure it isn't an issue.

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Sorry Rick....this [language filter] job sometimes cuts into the important stuff in life....REEFING!!!


Anyways, I will take a look around for it. I still use the AcJr so..might need it myself again if I decide to re-flash the thing.




If you might need it again then I wouldn't feel right getting it just for a spare.

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