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Time to vent!!


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Now that the rain has stopped I again have internet service!! (clap) (clap)


But as soon as it starts raining again I am sure it will be lost until it stops!


I have had a tech out 3 times in the last month to fix the problem and they all leave telling me that it is fixed!! And now since I had to call again today, just a couple hours after the last tech left and told me all is good. They tell me I have to wait until I fit into the schedule!!! (flame)


Why is their very little service in customer service?!?!?!?(scratch) (scratch)



And yet I do not feel any better!!

(laugh) :D (naughty) (laugh)

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I am not going to say.

No need to start a war of words between/about companies.

Let's just say I am trying to find a new service.

I am done dealing with this company.


I will throw out a name that I have ongoing service issues with;




It seems when the wind blows, so does my connection.


Strong wind-no internet-(flame)


But I am in the metro area-maybe if I was remote-oh wait thats backwards. If I was remote I could understand-but wind???

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I wasn't trying to get it out of ya-(plotting)


I was just throwing in my providers short comings in my "remote" area (laugh)


Stuff happens, the few times it does not that big of a deal but it sure brings to reality the dependence we have to the Internet.


EMP anybody-:eek:

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Have any of you ever had hughesnet. Wow, this service will leave you begging for anything else. I live in a remote area and they were our only option, they have a really strict download limit (a few 10 minute videos in a week and they shut you down. Not to mention they charged us like 80.00 per month and speed, ha ha was at best 50 mbps and never steady, usually half that speed.


I finally found a local company (smaller business) that offers there clients this thing, I forget uhhh, oh yeah, it was called like customer service or something like that. It's amazing, you call, somebody says hello and talks to you, when you have a problem, they address it. They charge me 40.00 a month for a 1.5 with boosts up to 2.5, and steady never had a problem in 2 years, the crazy part is they actually guarantee your minimum speed. Free install and equipment (as long as you return it when you are done)


For all you Longview cats they're called Cascade Networks, look em up. Sorry for stealing the thread, I really hope you find something better, I know how frustrating it is.

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