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Mystery Wrasse, Cleaners, etc.!!!

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If you have been thinking of adding a beautiful, seldom seen in fish stores fish to your collection, I might just have the fish for you!


Last week I got a really great looking Mystery Wrasse in! It is about 2-2.5 inches long and is really fun to watch. This week only it is $59.99!!


Here is a picture of what these fish look like:






I got qutie a few other really sweet inverts and fish in on this order as well!


There is a great looking Afican Exquisite Fairy Wrasse, A really vibrate Solaris Fairy Wrasse, a nice Male McCoskeri Flasher Wrasse. All of these are eating like pigs and swimming around like crazy!

The Jumbo Tongan Nassarius Snails are sweet. They are almost like small conch, they are so big. It is awesome to see them pop out of the sand whenever they sense food.

The 6 legged Colored Linkia Stars look nice as does the Bright Orange Linkia(these guys tend to be on the hardier side of linkia stars)

Lots of great sand sifting, rock cleaning, glass crazing, extra food and waste eating inverts and fish in the tanks and ready for some new homes!

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