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Anthony Calfo - portrait of a reef *Video*


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Simply go to your iTunes player and in the search window type "reefvideos" and download Anthonys 2.5 hour seminar. Its about 200 mb.


Portrait of a Reef Tank, Designing successful, practical and inspiring displays, reef culturing for profit (greenhousing), sharks, lighting, flow, skimming techniques, plumbing tricks, coral feeding and supplementation, zeovit and its problems with LPS and softies, zooxanthellae, and lots of other stuff. This was recorded april 1st in Toronto, sponsored by Reefcrew and hosted by MAST Club.


Chris was late getting to the event but he got most of it.


It should be available from reefvideos.com soon.


Have fun.

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Actually he said that he SPECULATES that they don't feed on corals in the wild due to the fact that they probably have a different food preference (In the wild), but in a closed system since those food sources are not available they eat corals to stay alive, good guess... who really knows.

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