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DIY Calcium Reactor


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Well finally finished this thing - added a JBJ Bubble counter w/a Fabco needle valve, just wanted something a "little" better than the stock valve on the Milwaukee regulator.


I was too lazy DOH! to tap the the top flange to have the probe sit inside the reactor - I'll probably do that when I get back from vacation




The liquid is nothing but a heavy mineral oil that cost about $4.00 and can fill up about 10 bubble counters.


That white tube is for recirculating the CO2 gas that collects at the top of the reactor.

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Thanks Roy and it works DOH!


Gumby - hard to tell, I always have acrylic around and when the urge to make something happens - the JBJ Bubble Counter is $15, the Fabco Needle Valve is $25, the brass check valve is $10, the Mag 3 pump ?, John Guest valve $5, misc John Guess fittings $12, CO2 proof hose $2, ARM Media $28, heavy mineral oil $4, Milwaukee PH Controller $78

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Calcium reactor is meant to keep a steady level of calcium in your tank. You first need to find out at what rate your tank uses calc. then you can set up a reactor to add that amount back in to always keep the level right. It's not really a plug and play type of item though since there are many other things you have to watch for when you have one...

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