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My 120G Reef


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Well getting close to setting the tank up so thought I would start a proper build thread. I have always wanted a 120g, love the dimensions, and now that I have a house figured it was time to get back into it. Here are the specs so far....



Tank - Tenecor 120 acrylic tank (4'x2'x2')


Stand - 30" high 2 door solid wood. Need to add a side door for access, possibly divide a section for all ballists, electrics, etc.


Sump - TruVu Platinum Series Refugium 180. Need to add probe holders and get refugium lighting


Return Pump - Iwaki MD 40. Might switch out, not sure yet.


Skimmer - H&S Skimmer A150-f2001 aquabee pump.... cannot wait to see it in action.


Calcium Reactor - Geo CR618 Calcium Reactor.


VHO Lights - 2 x 110w VHO Actinic.


VHO Ballast - Ice Cap.


MH Lights - 2 x LUMEN MAX 3


MH Ballast - 2 x 250w HQI BLUE WAVE 7


Still need to get

Canopy - DIY hanging canopy with everything mounted in it.

Controller - Aquacontroller Jr. w/ DC8 PH/Temp Probes

Skimmer Feeder - Maxi-jet 1200

Reactor Feeder - Maxi-jet 1200

Reactor Regulator - any recommendations

Reactor CO2 Tank

Heater - 2x250w visi-therm stealth

Sump Returns - 2 x 1/2" Seaswirls

Powerhead/Flow - 2 x Hydor Koralia 4


Tank is going to be a mixed reef of corals and fish. Only thing I am really struggling with is flow, the tank has a dry well and internal overlflow/return so that the tank can sit flush against the wall. For that reason I have ruled out a closed loop system and would like to go with powerheads of some sort. Koralias seem to be getting decent reviews, any other suggestions. Hoping to get water in this bad boy around Thanksgiving...if the wife allows (laugh)

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