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Everything for sale Colonies & Tanks


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So I am selling all my saltwater stuff here is what I have. First come first serve.


SPS coloines 60-200 dollars

Cal Reactor with reg, tank, and new media $175

Envsion frag tank 4x18x24 1 inch think rimless. $350

Sunlight supply reflector with glass $60

2- 400 watt HQI PFO Ballests $50 each

Dual 400 watt Ballest PHO $100 obo

3- New Refectors $20 each

6 400 watt radium bulbs 3 months old $10 each

Live rock coverd with coriline $2 dollars a pound

Lots of fish

Yellow tang 20

Sailfin tank 20

Blue Tang 20

Scotter Blenny 8

Clarki Clown 8 each I have 5

Blue Green Chromis 4 each Have 5

Foxface $10

20L Drilled $10 dollas

Corallife Time/Power strip $20

Heaters $10 each


+ Lost more





Come get this stuff.





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OK...I am interested in colonies...how much for the green plating monti in middle of photo?


How much for the purple acro in left bottom corner of photo?


How much for various acros/staghorns in upper portion of photo?




Call me I am headed up to Damcauas tonight to go to my Parents house. They live off Anderson rd by the bank. Give me a call and I can bring things up to you




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