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Question about moon lighting


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Moonlights will depend upon how bright they are. If they are too bright then they should be turned off for part of the night. If not then they can stay on. The best guage of this would be to watch your fish to see if they are resting. Depending upon what type of fish they are then they will react differently. (Triggers hide in rocks for instance while clowns/damsels find a spot they feel safe and then rest, scooter blennies burrow into the sand with just their eyes sticking above the sand, etc.) When I had moonlights they stayed on all night however they were barely bright enough to see shapes in the tank. Currently at night they sometimes get a little room lighting that spills over into the tank but otherwise the lights are off through the night. The exception are the refugium lights which come on at night to help keep the PH consistant.

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I had experienced differences with my moon lights off. I stumbled across it when swapping out my MH bulbs. I inadvertently hit the switch on the moon lights also, which turned them off when they would have normally kicked on with the timer.


When I was looking at the tank at 6am I noticed both my Scolymias (button corals) had fully extended there tentacles-very cool looking, I also noticed tentacles out an all my chalices.


This never happened before, so I currently have the tank going totally dark at 2:30am, my moon lights are not that bright either.


I had a T5 fixture that had dimmable ML-that was a cool feature and I might add a dimmer to my current set up-Very easy to do


I would suggest a dimmer switch for those with overly bright ML-IMO

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