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55g parting out and other stuff!


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So after looking at setting up the 55g I have decided that it will just be a distraction from my 120g. So here it is...


55g Truvu Tank - $79

Has blue back and back drilled (1/2" and 1")



Oak Stand - $39

Made by natural wood crafters, bottom plate has been removed and needs to be relaced. Has 2 large doors for easy access.


Oak Canopy - $69

In perfect shape, its a MH canopy with 2 doors and the top is hinged. If this baby was wide enough for my 120g I would be keeping it!




(2) x 175 MH setup - $149

nice setup by PFO includes dual magnetic ballast, (2) sets of Ushio bulbs that are used, sockets. Currently wired into canopy.




Sump - $29

Very nice custom build sump for 55g tank, has 10.5x14 chamber for skimmer, etc.



Blueline 30 pump - $69

looks brand new, good pump.



Amiracle Skimmer - $19

Feed off return pump, works good.



Wavemaker powerstrip - $19



Top off tank with float switch (no wiring) and bulkhead - $25

(26Long x 20Wide x 11Tall)



Acrylic sump - $35

(24Long x 11.5Wide x 16Tall)



Rio Powerheads - $5 takes both



Aqua C Remora Pro Skimmer w/o Pump - $35

Needs acrylic pieces glued together, all pieces are there and taped together.





Filter Sock Holder - $9

Tray slides in and out. Has holes for various bulkhead sizes.




Ok wife says I cannot buy anymore stuff until I clean out the garage of this stuff. Make me an offer and lets find it a good home! Located off Hwy 217 and Denney Rd.

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