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Frags relocating by themselves?


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This is very odd....last week I had a frag on a plug move from one location 10 inches to the left, crossing several other corals in the process, landing on a cyano mat. I asked my gf if she did it, but nope....she never touches my tank. She doesn't even feed them so why would she go through the trouble of reaching into my tank and move it right? I just shrugged it off, and left it there. Well I just got home from work and noticed that it had moved again. This time 4 inches to the right in between three corals, without disturbing the cyano mat. Those of you with cyano probably knows how easy it is to trowel through, but nope, undisturbed in this case.


Can a fish grab a hold of the frag and relocate it? It's an acro on a fairly heavy ceramic plug. I have a flame angel, 2 clowns, and 2 damsels. (scratch)


Unless someone is breaking into my house just to move that one frag...don't know what else it could be.

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How big are the damsels? I've seen them move some pretty good sized pieces of gravel and literally throw them at other fish. Also I think Flame Angels have been known to occasional rearrange things as well. Triggers move rocks around too and I'm sure there are some others as well.

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Haha, this is the first that it has happened to me.


my talbot damsels are pretty small, maybe 1-1/2"? The flame is probably 3" and one ocellaris clown is a little smaller than that. The other clown is like the size of the damsels.


I'll see if I can catch one of them in the act.

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It's the clown!


I have a 4" marron clown that rearranges everything.

She'll move a frag around till it dies if she doesn't like that frag.


Unfortunately, my wife and kids like this darn fish! :(

They said that this clown has 'character'??


Good luck!


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