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flat worm exit against acro flatworms


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ok i was looking at a clients tank and happen to notice he has a colony with those little mouth marks and i could see large tranlucent flatworms kinda pinkish and when i say large i mean i can see with the naked eye, so my question is will flat worm exit work or does every colony gota be pulled and treated with TMPCC.

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FWE won't kill the adults or eggs. There is progress being made using fluke tabs. Other than that, removal of all SPS from the display and 4-5weeks of QT with weekly dips is necessary.


Check out these threads







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I get it from my vet. I think it was $6 a pill.


Pre type up a 2 sentence disclaimer for your vet before going in........tell them what you are going to use it for and that wont be liable for its use on your reef tank.


my vet was actually pretty interested in it but she made me sign a disclaimer before giving it to me... lol

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