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You know your addicted when


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You know your addicted to reefkeeping when you start stalking your LFS owners. Huh Stacy(laugh)

What? I just happened to be in the same area that you were driving... honest! rofl


By the way, you really should stop doing that thing you do... you're gonna get arrested. At least shut the curtains!

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When you would be really hard pressed find a single one of your wifes favorite dishes that at some point or 'nother youy havent had salt, or saltwater, or pieces of acro, or worms, snails etc, etc in.




shhh...dont tell.......i only get caught 25% of the time...............

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When your wife is getting ready for "Turkey Day" and she can't seem to find the Turkey Baster.



That's perfect!!!!!!!!! We JUST had that talk, about turky day and a baster. My daughtor said they would need one for turky day and bring one over, but decided they better get a new one , cause i PROBABLY USED ours for the fish, all I could hear was, NEW BASTER LOL

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Holding a wal-mart receipt with a couple cheap purchases, hiding the name saying these are the corals I got today. Sweet deal eh?


Wal-mart simply doesnt have a description on most items. How convenient.

Walmart sells corals?

To the other guy;;;;;; ah never mind about swallowing.

The missing the woman, now that's funny right there!

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