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I actually haven't seen them with the light on yet (laugh) I got them from Ruthie, floated them in the sump and we went to the basketball game. I got home, acclimated them, dipped them and put them in my QT tank. They looked fine in the dark this morning, i'll know more this evening when i get home.


Those frags discs are cool, but they float.

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Mine are not looking good. The plug blew across my tank yesterday while I was at work yesterday and ended up near my anenome. Hope it didnt get stung and will recover' date=' as of this am was still all closed up.[/quote']


I have had my anemone sit on my zoa's at one point for almost a month. When the lights went out and the anemone closed I would see the zoa's open under the LED's. When the anemone finally moved they stayed closed for 2 more days...then opened right up and started to spread. I will see if I can find pic's that show you this as I still have that now colony of zoa's.

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