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Brown out


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and that would be badDOH!....unless you like brown(scratch)


Tom, what are you referring to? I mean obviously it is "brown out" corals, but are you considering picking some up or are you experiencing this issue?

If your question is in general then see below:

---Good for price of coral or cost of purchase(clap)

---Bad for coral and overall appeal of the suggested coralDOH!

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I assume your referring to the term. If so I believe there are two different terms often confused. Brown out where the corals will turn more of a brown color than the vibrant colors we usually look for and then bleaching. Bleaching is bad because the zooxanthellae are actually dieing off whereas the brown may actually be an increase of healthy albeit brown zooxanthellae. Wild corals are often more brown when they are collected and then brighter zooxanthellae is encouraged to grow instead through the use of certain lighting. This can actually slow the growth rate though. So I guess the right answer is that it depends on what your trying to accomplish.

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your wrong on one part rick' date=' there aren't 'brighter zooxanthellae' the coral actual creates pigments to protect itself from UV and UVA rays and that is what causes the bright colors we like[/quote']


Perhaps brighter is a bad term. More colorful would be more accurate.

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