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Dying Duncans


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I have a bunch of Duncans that started out as 4 heads about 6-7 months ago and grew like gangbusters and grew to about 12 heads. I upgraded to a 125 about six weeks ago, and everything seemed to be going very well. I'm not sure if this is connected but, in my aquascaping, I positioned a large Favia under the Duncs and over a couple days and nights the tentacles started stinging it pretty bad. I moved the Favia, but maybe too late. Friday I did a 20% w/c but yesterday, I lost one head completely and today 2 more died (not the ones that were stung). Yesterday I gave it a Reef Dip not knowing what else to do. All my params are normal, and all my other corals are looking really good, including another 6 head cluster of Duncans.


Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I can do to stop the death? This is one of our favorite pieces and it's sad to see it going away.

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I would try target feeding them. Maybe moving them, depending on current location if in high flow try low, if in low flow try higher. I had a head die on me when I first got mine, I moved them to the bottom of my tank and started target feeding them and everything seemed to turn around. Hope this helps

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