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Photo Updates

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This thread is going to be the only thread where the Grow Out Competition photo updates are to be posted until the end of the competition. Last round we had some difficulties locating all the updates (scratch) so this round we will keep them in one thread. Remember, the frag must stay on the official GOC plugs they were given to you on. This thread will be moderated, meaning you can post whatever you like, but everytime photo updates are coming in I will be sifting through this thread removing any non relevant posts. When maintaining thread posts will be deleted for reason "thread clean up"


First photo update is required within the week of November 23rd through the 30th. They must be in before November 30th at midnight or you may be DQ'd. Rules this time around will be strictly enforced.(enforcer)


Second photo update is required within the week of December 25th through the 31st. DQ could result if they are not put in by midnight on the 31st. Due to the holidays, you are allowed to post a few days early if you want, to make sure you don't forget... Happy Holidays!!!


Final photo update is required by midnight on January 31st. No exceptions unless previously discussed.


I would like to see photo's from everyone in the next 2 weeks or before the 15th but that isn't required.


Current Standings:






















***Albany Middle School (MR S)---03























*Oregon Aqua---------00








*USCG CWO-------------00


Next and Final photo update required by Midnight January 31st....no exceptions....no reminders Pic's are to show total polyp count as well as a picture of all polyps closed.

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I have a question... You say the first pic updated is required within the week of nov 23 through nov 30th. Can I post before that week and not post during those dates without getting DQ'd? I will be out of town those dates.


Thanks for the clarification!


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Photo Updates and Introduction


Hello everyone, I am relatively new to this site and would like to introduce myself and my tank for the November grow out competition. Anyway I will keep it brief...my name is Pete and below is a list of my system components and some photos. I purchased this tank from Brad..aka bbatman in September...since then I have made some modifications and additions to the system. I am relatively brand new to the hobby, so I am trying to learn quickly and at times have felt like I have been drinking from a firehose. Nonetheless I am truely enjoying the learning process and the relaxation and beauty that this hobby provides...I think im hooked. Dont worry Brad the carpet anenome that was in here is in good hands, just had to trade it in with Patrick because it was just outgrowing the tank. I was in there the other day and it looks like he has sold him off already. :-) Anyway here it is.


39 Gallon Cadlights Signature Series System

The Tank, Cherry Wood Stand

* TANK DIMENSIONS: (L)24" x W20" x (H)20".

* Full size direct-skim refugium on back.

* Comes in black Cell-Cast acrylic background.

* Refugium Dimensions (L)23" x W 5" x (H)19.5".

* PC light strip for refugium.

* Signature Polished and mitred edges with Extra thick 8mm thick glass.

* Seamless curved front panel.

* 100G Professional pin-wheel protein skimmer

* 6W Drop-in Ultra violet sterilizer.

* 70G cooling unit.

* Tank has undergone 10-20% water changes weekly since I purchased it.



* 150w 20,000k halide with 2 x 24w Actinics supplements

* (2) LED-HO 2 watt moonlights.

* Stainless steel ceiling cable set.

* separate circuits and switches for complete automatic and manual control for each T5 bulb, LED-HO system and Halide lights.



* Ecotech Marine Vortech MP10

* Koralia nano

* Coralife Dual Power Center Timer

* Magnet Cleaner

* 2 Heaters



* 2 False Perc

* 1 Bicolor Blenny

* 1 Flame Angel

* 1 Yellow Tail Damsel

* 1 Yellow Wrasse








Thanks everyone, look forward to chatting with you all. Pete






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GOC frag pic and equipment list


Tank is a 40 gallon breeder, 18 gallon sump with sock every other week, big airstone driven skimmer, a Gen-x 2400 return pump hooked up to a 3/4 inch sea swirl, a korillia #3 for added cerc, Lighting comes from a 250 watt se 20k bulb. I am going to have a bare bottom tank but waiting till my cement rocks are cured before taking out whats left of the sand.


Here are my frag pic's





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50 gallon Envision Cube

15 gallon Sump w/ filter sock and live rubble

overflow has 3 red mangroves

Return pump is a Eheim 1262 feeding 2 1/2" returns

Lumen Max 3 pendant w/ a 250w 14k Pheonix bulb


PCI-RPS2000 Skimmer









Placed the frag in front corner and had 1 polyp open at first and then haven't had them open back up since. May move farther back on the side with less flow.




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125 gl mixxed reef, 100+ lb liverock, 1 1/2" sand bottom

40 gl sump with cheto and Caulerpa with light on at night, sock changed every other week

20 gl wet/dry with live rubble

Berlin 25 225 skimmer

Blueline 30 HD-X return

Korallin Calc reactor

Media reactor with carbon

72" Nova Extreme Pro T5, Actinic start at 7:30, All lights on at 11:00, Day off at 6:00, Actinic off at 9:00, bulbs changed every year.


Water specs, don't ask



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Someone correct me if I got this wrong but I thought I read all you guys want are pics for now' date=' if you are in the winners circle(s) then you want a break down of equipment etc.?????[/quote']


I am trying to get all of that sorted. But yes we do want a tank break write up if you are winner.

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System Specs. at beginning of competition.

125g Glass Display Tank - Aggressive Reef, Primarily Softies and LPS with a few SPS

26g Glass Growout Tank (Attached with LPS and softie frags)

40g Acrylic Sump with 7-8 inch DSB

20g Glass Refugium (Ball of Cheato)

Estimated total volume (water, sand, and rocks) - 190g

1050w total lighting over display (1-250w & 2-400w) 14k/15k bulbs running about 7 hours each day

Growout Tank has 92w total (4-24w 6500k spiral bulbs) running at the same time as the display lights

Refugium has 48w (2-24w 6500k spiral bulbs), these run when the display lights are off.

Estimated 250g custom recirculating skimmer built locally

800 GPH circulating through all 4 tanks (Display,Growout,Sump,Fuge), 1800 GPH Closed loop in the display, 1700 GPH supplemented via 2 power heads in display, Growout has one 400 GPH power head supplemental flow.

One small heater in growout tank.


Competition Piece currently placed in the growout tank.



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System Specs - competition frag is currently in the frag tank.

400g Display Tank w/ (5) 250w MH DE Phoenix 14k bulbs + 440w of VHO Actinics + 220w of VHO 10,000k.

VHO Actinics are on from 12:00 till 2:00 and 9:00 to 11:00.

VHO 10,000k are on from 12:30 till 2:00 and 9:00 to 10:30.

MH are on from 2:00 till 9:00.

160g Sump Tank w/ ~75 lbs of live rock but no light.

75g Frag/refugium Tank w/ a single 400w MH SE Radium 20k bulb over corals and (2) 65w 6700k PC fixture over refugium.

PCs are on from 12 to 12 over refugium.

MH is on from 2 to 10 over frag tank.

Reeflo Dart return pump for display.

Reeflo Orca 250 w/ Dart Gold PS

(2) 1" SeaSwirls plus (2) stationary return lines on display.

(6) Tunze 6055 powerheads on 7095 controller in display tank.

(2) powerheads in frag/refugium tank plus return line.

1000w titanium heater on controller.



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Are updates going to be required every week, or just randomly? There are a ton of threads in this GOC and it is hard to find what is required sometimes.


I looked and looked but couldn't find the ending date for this GOC. I am leaving for Egypt for 3 weeks in Dec/Jan. I wont be able to update or even check on the coral.




200g Display

2x 400w Radiums, Lumenmax Reflectors, PFO PS (M135) Ballast

2x 3/4" Seaswirls on returns

1x Vortech MP40w on Lagoon Random Mode

100g Sump/Fuge/6" DSB

AquaC EV-1000 Skimmer

Kalk added on ATO (55g Drum)

-Soon to be Calcium Reactor



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Hi all, I'm running a 29 gallon tank with a currentusa sundial t5 fixture, (4x24watt with two geissman aquablues and 2 geissman actinic+), and a koralia 4 for circulation. I have a 10 gallon sump/fuge with no baffles that has a big ball of chaeto, some live rock rubble, a filter sock, and a no-name skimmer. I am using a mag 5 return pump.


I just added 15 pounds of dry aragonite sand to act as a buffer for ph, but up until last week I had been running it barebottom for several years. I just started running some carbon in the filter sock in an attempt to combat a small but annoying cyano bloom that I believe was triggered by the addition of the sand.



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System Specs:


95 gallon glass display tank

40 gallon glass sump/ref tank

2 250w 10K MH

4 110w VHO super actinics

2 65w PC's 67k in the ref tank

4 Koralia 1 power heads

Mag 12 return pump/protein skimmer pump

Protein skimmer

160 lbs or so LR in display tank


We put the frag in the upper right corner of our tank (so far) with no issues of it moving around (either by snails, circulation or fish)...you can kind of see it in this picture towards the top.




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Here are my tank specs:


180 gallon pentagon mixed reef w/30 gallon sump

Precision Marine calcium reactor and Precision Marine Bullet II skimmer

Ampmaster closed loop, Vortech MP40 and Tunze 6045 for internal flow

Iwaki MD40 via 1" Sea Swirl for return

2 x 400 watt 14K single end XM metal halides on PFO ballasts

4 x 65 watt VHO actinics

170 lbs. live rock

Prime 1/3 HP chiller, no heater


Initial position of the frags for light acclimation:


Full tank shot


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