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Shrinking Chaeto


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So it seems that for the past month my chaeto has been shrinking instead of growing. Now a bit of nuicance algae has popped up in my tank, so somthing is wrong in my refugium. The only thing I can think of is that maybe something is eating it. The only animals in my fuge are a couple of astreas, 2 hermits, 3 nassarius snails to keep the DSB stirred, and a pencil urchin that got to big for my tank. Would the urchin possibly be eating it? (flame) That would be the last straw for him..... I stopped dosing iron for the time being, but any other help would be appreciated.

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Look for a bulb that says "Daylight", "Sunlight", or specifically states the kelvin rating. You are looking for something in the 5100K to 6500K rating. There has been some debate as to which kelvin rating grows plants better. I have been using the 6500k lights and just had to remove about 7 gallon sized baggies of cheato from my 55 gallon fuge.



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