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Coral and Rose for sale/trade


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SOLD: I've got two rose btas for $25 each or a trade. This is an old photo of the mother and a previously sold baby.





Also available are Purple Tonga Mushrooms for $15 or a trade. Reduced to $10 each.




And Red/Orange Yumas at $25 ea. Sold!




And also a single eye of this Acan for $15. Reduced to $10.



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additional corals


Ive updated the opening post and added the Nean Green Hydnophora frags. I've got 1 inch for $6 and smaller ones for $4. Here's a really bad picture of it.




I've got Devils Hand frag for Free.


Also, what is this and can it be fragged?



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that looks like a mushroom of some kind, unsure on what kind though


would it be possible to get a pic of the devil's hand? ive never heard of it and am quite curious.


also, how often will you have frags available? once i get my new tank setup with a light on it, i might hook up with you on some items.

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