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Frag Plugs for Nov 2009 Grow Out Competition!

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Another quick question............. How heavy are these? Are they easily blown over? I guess is what I really am wondering.


Well, I consider my tank to have a fair amount of flow (2000+ GPH in a 36g tank), and I set one in my sand bed yesterday and it hasn't moved since. I cut the lower part of the plug at .59" so it fits very snugly in a typical egg crate frag rack.


As for making additional plugs I would have to figure out how much to charge. The materials do not cost much, but I would need to compensate the owner of the laser (my girlfriends dad) if I was mass producing a product. What do you guys thinks is reasonable price per plug? I was thinking about making several different sizes.... .75", 1", 1.25", 1.5".

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ryan, check out vividaquariums, they sell plugs, by the 15 count package for i wanna say 5.99 per package, that would give you a price to base yours off of.


also, when you do set up to start making them and providing them for a price, let me know, ill gladly pick some up off of you lol

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