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Low flow sump and temperature.


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So, with the addition of more flow to my tank i have decided to lower flow through my sump to

increase skimmer performance, lower microbubbles and hopefully help some macro grow.


Question: will having 200 gph through the sump effect the temp in the tank. I worry that the tank room might get to cold, heaters would turn on, and not enough warm water would get up top to keep temp steady. Any thoughts?

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Well.. for me.. it doesnt affect it one bit. I only have a maxi jet 1200 for my return. I am one who believes in strong flow in the main tank, but low flow in the sump. Better skimmer performance i find this way. My tank stays a steady 78-79.5 degrees. Well.. that is if I remember to turn my fan on down there when my MH comes on. (laugh)

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