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FS/FT: Large Cinnamon Clown (very personable) and tank


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Hi all, I've got a large Cinnamon clown that needs a bigger tank! He is healthy and very personable. He will eat out of your hands, and follow you from one side of the tank to the other. He's a great fish, but doesn't get along with my wrass - and my tank's a bit too small for his territorial requirements. He loves his little anemone, and tends to rearrange items in the tank to suite his style. I hate to see him go, but he needs a better home than I can provide (sad)

$15 or trade for some coral










Also for sale is a like-new 20gal AGA tank and painted stand with marble shelf... some plumbing... The tank has 2 bulkheads. $75 (Lighting / other equipment not included).



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nwcoralfarm has claimed the cinnamon, pending pickup.

He's rather large, maybe 4" nose to tail, and 1/2" thick


Thanks, A bit too big then. I really need to get a juvenile if I add another anyway as this one has been alone long enough that it is probably a female now. I.E. If I add another female it will lead to problems and they can't change back once they do become female.

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