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lighting ideas needed....

mister crabs

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So I have a 60 cobe that I am going to be setting back up in the next few months and am unsure of my lighting because of the 24" depth.....


I was running 2 sets of 24" T-5's with ind. reflectors. they are the tek knockoffs that hello lights clearanced out last year. workhorse 5 ballasts. good deal for what they were but thinking if I want to continue to use them i need to upgrade to some icecap ballasts.


I am not sure if I want to use these again or maybe sell them off and get a 250w MH DE pendant with t-5 supplements.


I want to keep mostly softies since I love the movement and possibly a clam or two. had clams before and loved the colors but they were under a MH in my biocube. I dont want to limit myself If i decide to get some SPS in the future tho. Gonna drill the tank thru the bottom and back for a closed loop when I set it up again as well. i will add a pic to show what I am working with.


any comments or suggestions?

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