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Black Long Spine Urchin - Losing Spines


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So, we noticed last night that our Long-Spine had lost a spine...and while we know this happens, we decided to keep an eye on him. Today, he's lost about five more. Everything we've read and researched says that it's probably not good and a sign of poor water quality, but our tank checks out. Is there something else we should be doing or testing for???


pH 8.3

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate Around 10

Calcium 410

Salinity 1.024

Temp 79

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Usually they should be introduced in a well established tank (9+ months).

They feed on algae, so if you don't have enough of provide them some sort, they will die :-(

I have one in a relatively new tank, but with a few rock I got with a serious algae problem. So the guy is taking care of them and is getting fat :-)

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I have raised several and have four right now, They have a voracious appetite for coralline algae and though it may seem they are eating nusiunce algae I think its more they graze on a rock(for coralline) and dislodge anything in their way leaving the rock "clean". The reason I believe this is I have several areas of green algaes they won't touch. The last ones I have gotten have been smaller than a dime and have doubled or tripled in size in months. I think thats why its reccomended they have a mature tank with a constant replenishing supply of coraline algae. I have two in my main tank, one in the fuge and one moved between the two prop tanks. The two in the smaller tanks have not grown as fast even though there is lots of green algae avaiable.

I have only ever had one die, it was put in my prop tank after being set up for a month,the tank didnt have any coralline growing yet and very little on the rock. I noticed a few spines one day and the next it was on the bottom and did a "pick up sticks" all around it, goner. Once the tank had a good supply of coralline algae I found the smallest one I could, about the size of a peanut, and he has done well and grown double or more in size

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even though the tank checks out properly there could still be something stressing it out' date=' for example large Ph shifts after dosing kalkvasser or large day to night swings. This probably is not the case but at least its worth looking into how stable all your parameters are staying.[/quote']


I think they are pretty hardy in this respect, I'v seen large ones in deeper water but most are found in tide pools where I would think there are swings in temp, Ph, salinity etc

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