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Vortech is AMAZING!

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I just bought a used vortech, and had some issues with it, the wetside was vibrating pretty badly, and the wavedriver wouldn't turn on.


Sent it in to vortech. They called me today and while on the phone with Steve he checked the driver. It wouldn't turn on, the electrical guy stuck his hand out, and noticed immediately that the power plug solder that connects it to the board was broken.


As the electrical guy fixed the driver, Steve replaced the whole wet side with new parts. Including a new magnet, shaft, bushings, and housing. The only thing that is old on my wetside is the back plate.


The electrical guy brought the board back in, they put it all together and he said it worked flawlessly. This was all while on the phone with Steve.


Even better is that the pump was second party to me, and slightly out of warranty. He said he would stretch the date, and do it for free.


I have never seen customer support like this before! He seached for my package, opened it, commented on my quality packing, and fixed the pump on the spot within 15 minutes! I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY WITH THEIR SUPPORT!!!

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I have 2 they are worth it-IMO

If you ever have an issue where it shuts down and you get the red/green blinking lights before it shuts itself down, I have found it to be the nut that holds the prop on is to tight. I had this issue with both mine from time to time. I have not had it happen in a long time but when it does I pull the wet unit, break it apart which is a ggod time to clean and when putting it back together just barely finger tighten that nut and all is good.


Very pricey units but in the long rum worth the car payment or two-LOL

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Ok so it was not normal for it to ever freeze up, says Steve from Vortech. They had a batch of bad props I think is what he had said, I sent pics of my MP20s to him and he sends me an email asking for my shipping info.


Long story short they did not have the replacement part for my wetside so get this..


He is sending me 2 brand new wetsides-not 2 props, 2 freaking complete wetsides-:eek:


He said I got lucky, if the props were in I would have got those. He says there was a large batch that were sold with the problems I had experianced and they have been taking care of fixing them as they are contacted.


Hows that for customer service!!!

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