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My new T5 bulbs arrived today! :)


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And man! What a difference!


I'm blown away by how much the lighting can change how the corals look! There are colors I've never even seen before.


So, if your corals are looking dull, try a different bulb or two!

The branching monti that was supposed to be a superman, actually looks like one now, instead of mainly orange, and the AOGs practically glow!

All the oranges and greens pop!

It's fairly blue with the dusk/dawn set of lights on, and very bright, with a touch of blueish, when the full set is on!


I'm extremely happy and I *liked* my tank the way it was before!


I might try a GE 6500K instead of the Aquasun, just to see what that does at some point, but I'm happy I finally scraped together the money and made the order!

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I'm running the following:



ATI Blue Plus

UVL 75/25

ATIBlue Plus

UVL Aquasun

ATI Blue Plus


ATI Actinic

ATI Blue Plus




If you like a bluish (probably about 15k with the full set on, 22k with with dawn/dusk only), this works great!


I may try a GE in plce of the aquasun, or maybe switch out 1 Blue Plus for a 10k bulb to see what happens.


I wish I could take a good pic, but I'm a dolt when it comes to cameras, and everything always looks washed out and not at all like the real thing, when I try for a full tank shot.


Feel free and come by for a visit, if you are nearby!

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