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OT:Any photography tour/place in Portland during this season?


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Thanks for the suggestion, I hope the rain will stop some day before all the leaves falling off. I would like to try the gardens first then head to the gorge. Anyone tried the downtown churches and small parks? They look very nice.

Reef165, I have seen those picture as well. Those picture can be taken any time of a year because it is dark,lol.

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My buddy at work has taken some amazing shots in and around Portland. Check some of these out.




I can get you the locations of all these places if you want to try them out. These are all within a 40 mile (or so) radius of Portland

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Steelhead, thanks for asking. He has a real solid tripod. My tripod is still in the storage room. I can not make any night shots.


BTW, this is my wife's ID, I couldn't get the confirmation email when I registered here.


What was your username. I could probably fix your account.



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