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Aqua C Injector/Upgrade Modification?


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Steve at AquaC took a whole 15 minutes to call me back AND respond to my email!

Does anyone here have an Aqua C with a 1" injector or have modified their I bought a used one and the older 240 AquaC's came with is called a "3/4" injector". They have changed over awhile ago and have been shipping with the better performing "1" injector".

I am trying to tell if I have a 1" or 3/4" injector and how to tell. The barb fitting of my injector street ell is 3/4" INSIDE diameter. Is this designation for 3/4? When I called Steve @AquaC, before I recieved my used 240, he said to see what size hose fit on it. Well, 1" inside diameter tubing does fit on my injector barb, but it also fits on a 1/2".

Any Aqua C owners out there that have changed or know what they have for an injector?

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Steve is really a great guy. He called me back right away and talked with me for about 20 minutes. He sent me replacement parts right away.


I am not sure what you have. I have the 1" but I have the EV-1000 sized skimmer. Are you asking what size the opening is on it so that you can order one? If that is what you need let me know and I can help you.


I also have a DIY design that works just as good as the one I bought. I used it during the time I was waiting for my new ordered piece, but noticed no difference when changing to factory injector. If you want instructions on the DIY let me know. You can build it for a couple bucks at home depot.

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