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WTB Refractometer Calibration Fluid


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I have heard using RO/DI water only can produce inconsistent results. It's what I have always used in the past but I thought I should begin to use calibration fluid.


Distilled water and RO/DI water are not the same thing. Distilled water has everything removed by distilling the water so you have relatively pure H2O remaining. RO/DI is filtered but will still have some minerals remaining and therefore is not pure H2O.

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You should be using calibration fluid at 35ppt, some of the cheaper refractometers can read 0 with distilled water and read off by a couple of points at full salinity. When you get some, calibrate with distilled and check with a 35ppt standard, if it is dead on then you know you can calibrate with Distilled.

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