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Diy CNC router


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I want to build one for my diy projects, especially for a cone skimmer I have in my mind...

I was wondering if there is anybody who made one or is willing to built one.

It is gonna be something like Zenbot: 3 axes with a Dremel as rotatory unit.

Just a little bit bigger as working area.


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I'm working with a guy up in Canada who's going to build my machine for me. I was originally going to build my whole machine from 8020 but after some thought I want something thats a little more sturdy, so we're building this machine out of .5" 6061


The machine I'm building has a 24x60" cutting area. It's pretty much being purpose built for what we do here at my place. More than likely I'll be offering some diy skimmer, calcium reactor parts etc. when the machine has some downtime.

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Why build when you can rent?! I've been watching their progress and it looks like Techshop is finally open in Portland (near Washington Square). Looks like they have pretty much any tool you'd need and classes to show you how to use them. A friend just finished a woodworking class there and gave it a thumbs up. I'm thinking about at least trying the first month special but I don't have a project in mind.



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Well for me it's a necessity for my business, I've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars having parts outsourced. Mainly because I didn't think I could actually build a machine that would hold the kind of tolerance I need for under $35k


After having far too many issues with machine shops over the past year I decided I was really going to get on it and get a machine. I just can't deal with the stress and lack of flexibility anymore.


The techshop looks like it would be a great thing for a hobbyist although nothing will compare to having your own machine to run parts on anytime you want or anytime you come up with an idea. Plus... I didn't see anything there about them having a cnc router or mill. Only a laser.

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