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AC JR Controller PACKAGE - Deal!


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Wanted to test the waters on selling my Controller in a package deal...The first $300 takes all!(clap)


Controller Package Includes:


AC JR (the black version)

Ph Probe

Temp Probe

ACJR Serial Upgrade Cable

Isolated Serial Connector


Direct Connect 8

(2) X-10 Control Interface Hardware

(2) X-10 Lamp Control Module

X-10 Terminal Control Module - AM466 (3-PIN)


Dell laptop 1.80 GHZ (The lap has a broken screen but serves its purpose well).

• 197MHz 512 OF RAM

• Acserial2web Software Installed

• Allows remote access to Controller from any desktop

• Acts as wireless controller


The lap top is hooked up to the AC Jr. full-time with:

Acserial2web Software (http://sites.google.com/site/acserial2web/ ) the software will perform tasks the AC Jr. isn’t normally equipped to do. Such as, email alerts and full web access to modify your settings.

**Example: I have mine set up so it emails me an alert every time my chiller kicks on.


As a benefit ONLY to the purchaser of the above package deal I am also offering the opportunity to purchase…for extra $50 I will throw in an older Neptune Aqua Controller (it does Temp, PH, ORP and has Probes for all of it). As such this would allow you to monitor (2) PH’s simultaneously.(rock2)

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Yes, I think things are kind of tight for most right now. I would love to try to work a deal but the best I could do would be to try to come up with some kind of trade. I'm looking at another one too but I don't know if it has the serial port yet. If it does then the only thing different for me would be the x10. (I already have a mini itx system set up that I plan to use if I ever set one up)

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