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Any one using CLEAR for internet?


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We are kind of stuck with Comcast. Our internet choices are Comcast, dial up or mobile internet. I am sick of having to constantly rest our modem and the [language filter] router and modem go out of sync all the time, the speeds fluctuate constantly. I am really wanting to change carriers. So if anyone has any information on CLEAR I would appreciate it.

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I have it. I think I can get a discount that goes both ways if you decide to get it. (A discount for us both) I've been running the slowest (and cheapest) option for 8 or 10 months now and have been pretty happy. In my opinion it is a better deal than Comcast as I don't need lightning fast speeds anyway. (It's worth saving 20-25 dollars each month to me) I have 6 PCs networked off the same connection with 4 of those used regularly and the other 2 sporadically. (The one for my TV usually just updates guide data and the other is more of a data server) The only times I really notice a speed lag is if 2 or more are trying to stream video at the same time or if I download a huge (mulitple Gigabyte) file.


Not sure if you will understand this or not but here is my network layout (In case you want to run multiple systems off the same connection):

Clear Wireless Modem

Linksys Gigabit/Wireless N router with Firewall

2 PCs networked to the router using Ethernet (Both Gigabit)

2 PCs Networked to the router using Wireless N

2 PCs Networked to the router using Wireless G


If you don't understand the network layout don't be concerned. Basically you should be able to just replace the cable modem with a wireless clear modem (eliminating the cable connection) to make it work.


Let me know if you want me to check into the referral discounts.

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I had it when I was still working at intel. I had Intel discounted also, I love it so much that I wish GP have it. I am now using clearwire, pretty the same concept at clear but slower. I have no problem with it at all. The best thing about clear is that you can actually bring the modem with you wherever you go(as long as in clear service) and use it as mobile :-) It's very small and very slim to move it around.


I dont work for clear :-)

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