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Tempered or not tempered


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So I got the crazy idea to start up a couple 55 gallon frag tanks in the garage. I went out and picked up 2 from some of the local members on here. The plan was to drill them both. But when I got them home. One had a sticker on it stating all panels are temperedDOH! So I googled how to tell if glass is tempered and I came across a thread that stated. By useing a lCD moniter at a 45 degree angle, and a pair of polarized sunglass's you would be able to tell. Well I dont have a pair of shades that are polarized(scratch). So I tore apart an old cell phone and used a piece of polarized plastic instead(nutty). Well It turns out that this crafty idea really works. Well I should say in theory anyway since I haven't drilled them yet! The Non tempered glass should go from white, which the LCD screen was set to. To black just by turning your head to the side. The Tempered glass goes almost black but white lines will apear. I will follow up on this in about a week after I order the bulkheads and the diamond bits(dancing) Since the panels on both the tanks went black even though one of them said it was completely temeperd!

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