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show off those softies


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I love the orange tipped cloves. I got several large colonies of those from a Jakarta trans ship about 3 years ago but I haven't seen them come in wild since. Of course I sold them all thinking they would be easy to get again. It is great to see so much success with farming those. I got a small patch from Roy a while back and they are doing great.



havnt seen a thread for these lets get it started with a few cloves




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are those pinky/orange? if so if you ever want to trade for somthin let me know never been a big Ric collector but those are cool.


Yea they are mostly pink but under certain light they look orange-ish too so I don't know for sure. They have a bright green mouth, blue inside, then the pink outer with a blue rim around that. I do need to thin them out a little so when I do I'll get in contact with you. I know I can find things I love of yours!

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