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arthritis of the sea swirl

Ron Popeil

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one of my sea swirls has an annoying noise it creates while it turns. i assume it just needs more lubricant, but what is safe and/or best to use? or is it a signal of bad things to come?


will WD40 work? or is there something better? and will this fix the problem?


ive looked at the inside of these before, and even replaced a motor, but never had this creaking noise i do now.


any ideas? suggestions?

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Silcone grease. I've used it on sticky ball valves before never had a water issue with it.

WD-40 is an petroleum product, any residual WD-40 would pollute your tank.


I have some sticky ball valves (no urological jokes thankyouverymuch (nono) ), what kind of silicon grease do you use?

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In the olden days we used vasoline, and on rubber seals to. There is food grade silicone and honing oil. If your gona open the swirl, clean it up real good, the "grease" will be better on the shaft. last's longer. could ...............never mind

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