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10 inch porcupine puffer


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So, I have a 10 inch porky puffer and I am thinking he might need a new home. Right now he is in my 120G sump (there are no baffles, so he has all 120G to himself.


I was gonna keep him, and have been holding on to him along with my blue hippo tang, until I could get my new tank built. Problem is that I was only ever gonna put the tang in the 155, but keep hanging on to Puffy until I could get his own tank set up (i have a 150 waiting in the wings).


Heres my dilema: Puffy just ate my tang (sounds like something J-Lo has said before(clap)). Now, I am faced with not having a system for him, and not having time to build out the 150. We know we are moving next year, so even finishing the 155 build is getting sketchy, let alone the 150 that was gonna be fowlr.


If I could find the right person; and I mean RIGHT as in good husbandry, confidence he won't end up traded at some pet store, and the desire to care for him long term, I could let him go so he could enjoy a family again. I would need to see your system and know your history before I let him go.


I don't need any money for him - it just kinda seems wrong. However, all should know that I am not desperate and not just gonna give him away, so please be prepared to show me that you can take care of him long term.


He is about 5 years old and, again, about 10 inches long. Great personality. He loves people and of course, loves the tang (drooler).

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