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WTS 120G Oceanic Tech Tank Setup - Killer Deal


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Hello All


Best reasonable offer .


120g Oceanic Tech Tank (Starphire Glass on front side) lxhxw 48x24x25 - unused Brand New $900 - updated


Light Maple Halide Compatible Canopy and Stand -48x36x24 - $600 updated


Acrylic 38g ? sump36x18x16 $150 - updated


Aqua C EV 240 Protein Skimmer w/ mag18 w/ Aqua C drain - $200 - updated




Korallin Calcium Reactor 1502 w/Eheim Pump C $160 - updated




2 x Catalina Aquarium 400w HQI Metal Halide Fixtures $85 each


3 10k bulbs $40 each


Dual Ballast 400w HQI $100


4 Saltwater VHO fixtures $40 -

4 actinic VHO Bulbs $12 each

1 icecap 660 ballast $100.00


1 x 1" Seaswirl works great $150




1 x 1" Seaswirl needs work $80 - updated


1/3 hp Dual Stage w/ Thermostat USA Prime Chiller $350.00 - updated





PFO 400 fixture w/ 10k? bulb $60


Ice Cap Timer $10






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120g Oceanic Tech Tank (Starphire Glass on 3 sides)


If the tank was made before Aug 06 then the three sides are "ultra clear glass". Ultra clear according to Oceanic is the same type of low lead glass as "Starphire" without the brand name of "Starphire". If it was manufactured after Aug 06 then just the front side is "Starphire" and the sides are regular glass.


I have the Tech 90 and these are really nice tanks. Wish I had the money as I would upgrade in a heartbeat. Good luck with your sale.



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