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Aqua C Customer Care!


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I just just bought a skimmer off ebay and wanted to see if AquaC could tell by looking at the photo I linked, what version injector was installed so I sent this email. Check out the reply time (in red). I'm impressed! I called Steve about a year ago to see a dimension tha was not listed in the owners manual pfd.. He said "Hold on, I get the tape measure and measure it right now"

It is pretty sweet when a company supports a used product purchased off Ebay!



Re: Size of Inlet‏

From: Steve - AquaC Customer Service (steve@proteinskimmer.com)

Sent: Mon 10/19/09 11:11 AM

To: Franklin Snow (franklinsnow@hotmail.com)


Hi Franklin,


Looks like a 1" injector - the best thing would be to measure it once you get it, just to make sure. I would recommend taking the injector with you when you go to buy the tubing. It should be obvious which injector you have when you insert it into the tubing.





Steve Prince

Customer Service Manager


----- Original Message -----

From: Franklin Snow

To: info@proteinskimmer.com

Sent: Monday, October 19, 2009 10:35 AM

Subject: Size of Inlet







From: franklinsnow@hotmail.com

To: o@proteinskimmer.com

Subject: Size of Inlet

Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 10:26:33


Here is a link to the skimmer I purchased. 1" or 3/4 inlet/injector? You will have to copy and paste and the skimmer is about half way down the page. If you can tell and it is 3/4" I want to see about getting a 1" injector.




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skimmer man


(nutty) Last time I checked you had a 72 bowfront running a decent size skimmer and a secondary 20l with what looked like a skimmer from a public pool! Now you have a 3rd skimmer? (scratch) Is it a fetish? (naughty) Are you trying to collect enough foam to replicate that call to the curl? You need that surf tat pronto! Oh, yes, that remora response was lightning quick.

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Some of us are good at growing corals and some are good at skimmer collections! This is the same skimmer as Clay has, an ev-240.


And I am not trying to compensate, And I am not trying to compensate, And I am not trying to compensate

You must get one or you will be shunned, Jon. And you must drink the Kool-Aid!

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