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Reef video in Indonesia


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: (


quiktime is missing software to play this video

unfortunately it is not available on this server


is the error i get........ i have quiktime pro too




Bummer, it took a bit to down load, even on highspeed, had to click the screen a couple of times,and hit the >. Try again, was really cool, hope you can get it. Update qt maybe. I think ya need a new machine.

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I never DID get to see it. bangingheadinwall.gif


I even downloaded the 102MB file to my computer and tried several different ways


Im glad YOU ALL like it though 36_11_22.gif



i with you ...didnt get to see it, and it also froze my computer up..so stupid me once i get my computer started again i went back and click the link againDOH! ....needless to say i wont be clickin the link again(flame)

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That's not good. Did you reboot after installing quicktime?


I have had quiktime pro always installed...never had a problem before...im assuming its just a new codec or something....but my quiktime pro said it wastn available on their server ????


Im afraid to try and download a new quiktime version over my pro version as i have the ability to save quiktime movies at the moment and dont want to mess it up.......

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