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I found this chemistry site, check it out


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That is pretty cool. I first found it just a couple of months ago...i was playing with my mag at he time....

I am a little confused as i was playing with some Kent tech M, and according to that calculator i would need 61.7 oz of kent tech M to bring a 225 gallon net water system up to 1350 from 1200. I was warned abut adding too much mag at one time so is tarted with just a few capfuls a day........within 2 weeks, my mag was there. ?????

Using a salifert test and double checking.


Like i said...it still confuses me some as ive heard other people say the same thing abouot kent tech M, yet it took nowhere near that much to raise my levels



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To be honest, part of me defintely thinks i am something wrong, as that calculator has more than a little bit of time and effort into it......but i cant for the life of me figure out what it is.


I use reef crystals salt, which test fairly low in mag to begin with(from the number you state, sounds like you do as well ; ) ).........I still have more than half of the gallon of tech m I initially bought and i just tested my water for mag earlier today, and it is right where it should be.


again.... ???? donno

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I've been fighting the Alk/Ca/Mg battle after raising my Alk too high too fast. I've noticed the same thing wrt Mg -- the Salifert Liquid Magnesium I am using is affecting my Mg level much more than the label says it should (based on what the label says, it'd take 3 bottles(!) to return Mg to normal - they recommend using the dry stuff if you are off by much). I'm thinking that my raising the Alk caused a lot of the Mg to precipitate out (Ca too, but that's another posting ;)), and as I return Alk to normal the precipitated Mg returns to solution thereby raising the Mg more than the additive should. Maybe something similar for you?


One thing's for sure, the Alk/Ca/Mg relationship is complex...

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lowman I sent that link to you to do your epsom... doh!


Did you switch over to Ryans stuff? Or you still using epsom? I was not happy with the epsom so I got a few bags of the good stuff... and the price was right.. thats for sure.

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