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Shrimp question


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Is there any problem with mixing different types of shrimp in a tank? I have a pair of skunk cleaners right now and was thinking it would sweet if I could find a watchman goby/pistol shrimp pair. Would there be a problem putting the pistol shrimp in with the cleaners? It would be a 29g tank for reference.


Also, would 1in of sand be enough for them to dig a cave provided they did get along with the other thinks in the tank?

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the more sand the better. your pistol shrimps are tremendous diggers, and move a lot of substrate. they often dont stay in one place either. they will construct burrows and tunnels through out your tank. the deeper the better, and if there are larger pieces mixed in with the substrate, it will help strengthen what they dig, also providing a lid for their burrows at night.

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