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small very quiet external return pump...


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check out the Velocity t-series pumps....i hear really quiet if not looking for a ton of flow....maybe the t-2 or t-3...the eheim might be cheaper though...




Sweet, thank you Andy!!!!!

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Get the ehiem you will not regret it, they work very good externally and they are one of the quietest pumps out there and they will not add much to the tank heat. I have a T4 pump and they are great pumps but they add a LOT of heat to the tank. If you are worried about plumbing an Ehiem externally it is really easy you can use pvc or tubing too.

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Another vote for Eheim!


I run a 1262 on my 120G and my tank temp is about 75 F without the heater. I suspect the mag7 on my skimmer is partially responsible for the heat, plus the 4 MJs in the tank.

With the lights on (T5) my temp goes to 78 F.


Room temp is anything between 68F in the morning to 74F in the afternoon.

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