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Seahorse.org Kevin

ReefCentral pledosophy

TRT pledosophy

Reef.org pledosophy

Utahreefs Kevin F

Marinedepot Kevin

Captivereefing Pledosophy

nano-reef pleder

fishforums pleder

syngnathid.org pleder (site down for now)

Grimreefers pledosophy

Clamsdirect pledosophy


I visit a lot of forums. Most daily although a couple not for awhile.


I started out as a version of pled on all sites but switched to my first name Kevin when I was conducting a research project and needed to sound more like a grown up. I also have a back up name on every site incase I get banned and want to sign back on. It's Aslan, after my favorite C.S. Lewis character. Sometmes it's just good to be more anyonomous. :D Plus as a mod on some sites it's bad forum to have the same SN on another site you mod for. It's frowned upon by some.

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