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looking for 20k 250w SE's- ushio or radium or ??

fly guy

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When are you planning on doing this?


I would love to get an older 250w Radium or 2 to put over my 40B which is a growout tank, (1 in use + a spare). How much and I will see if I can get there. I might be up Tues.


Want to see it before I buy a new bulb.

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I have 250 radiums on hqi ballasts on one tank. right next to that I have 400 radiums on non hqi coralife electronic ballasts. The color of the corals is great on the 250's not so much with the 400s. The 400 are nice but doesn't do the corals justice. It might be the ballasts, i'm not sure. I was shocked when I moved a large colony of brown acanthastrea from the 400 to the 250s, They turned purple and green.

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Thanks for all of the replies everyone. :)


Im glad i came back as I didnt knwo anyone had responded....need to updte email address :)


ocboat, that would be fantastic. I will actually be in your area early afternoon on Friday, or I can simply email you a prepaid fed ex label and then when done mail them back to you. I really only need them for a couple of days. I live in the sticks between goldendale and Yakima, so dont get to the city too often.


Thanks for the offer as well RoseCity........He has two options to check out so I like that even better.


As far as the project.......Just want to play with some corals. I have been a 10k guy for years as far as my sps are concerned, and my eyes prefer to see the beauty of the corals under white light and think in many cases, especially blues, blue light destroys their vividness.........., BUT at the same time,I cannot deny there re some corals in particular that I feel like I have never been able to get to look as good as some people do under blue lights. I want to play with it firsthand and see just how much I can affect the zoox with the kelvin of the bulb, and possibly go to 20k's ovr my polyp system and throw a few sps in there that like the blue. I plan on doing this experiment in a tank connected to the main system so there will be no water parameter issues possibly clouding the results. Nothing too scientific, I just like to see things for myself.


I already have tried the XM's and I hated them. Dull blue with hardly any real pop. Im hoping that a;; 20's arent the same way. and it isnt my obstinate eyes that are going to think anything above a 12-14k is simply too much blue. If thats the case I will still pick my favorite and do the drill.


cool beans Tidalsculpin. :) Got any links to pics to see what you have built in the classroom?? Id like to check it out :)

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Jay (Chief ) took these in January. We have started to add sps since then. The clown tank is now broken down it has become a mudskipper tank complete with mangroves.


Slideshow of Joel's Coldwater Tank.




Slideshow of Joel's Clown Tank.




Slideshow of Joel's Coral Tank. (Flyguys old 80G)





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