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Fungia munching on some shrimp.

Ocean In a Box

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has this little fungia found a home? If no' date=' there's a special spot in my tank just for him![/quote']


I think I saw him there today... not sure if it is for sale or not though. Hopefully Perry will let you know. He has had some of the most amazing fungia in there the last couple times I have been in - incredible colors!

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Jen- I use several things to feed my fungia. start with smaller items and watch it to see how big the mouth can open. It is surprising!


One thing I use is freeze dried plankton or krill. Hydrate for a bit in tank water and squeeze it a few times to remove air bubbles. Then set on the top surface. It sometimes helps to turn off the pumps if there is too much flow. Sometimes I need to hold it in place for 10-20 seconds until it senses that there is food and grabs on. Other times the falling food hits and sticks like glue. Then the cilia will start moving the food to the mouth. Mouth expands, food goes in, mouth closes.


I have also use small pieces of RAW seafood (shrimp, clams, squid, etc.) get this from a seafood shop. Don't buy cooked seafood.


I have also fed SMALL pieces of silverside. Usually the piece near the tail is what I give the fungia (no tail fin, just the meat). Anemones and other coral get the front half of the silverside.


I can feed my fungia every day, and it will keep eating. I have even fed once twice in a day (morning and evening). They are greedy little guys and will grow really good with lots of food, and good levels of calcium and alkalinity. :)



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Here is how I feed mine. Been feeding it silversides but lately started feeding it pieces of raw shrimp. This is nothing more than a 2 liter pop bottle with the top cut off and holes punched in it. Then I have tubing connected to it that comes above the water. I'll put this over it which usually causes it to pull the tentacles in. If I wait a while though they come back out. Then I drop the shrimp/silverside down the tube. A dropper squirting water in helps to push the food down the tube. Doing this I don't have to shut off the pumps and it also keeps others (shrimp especially) from swiping it. Make sure this can be left in place for awhile as it takes them some time to digest it.




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